• Bandai Namco announced the first two new characters for the Season 3 update of "Dragon Ball FighterZ"
  • Ultra Instinct Goku and Kefla are confirmed to be playable soon
  • The developers are also adding alternative Z Assist options to the playable characters

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have recently revealed the first two new characters to grace the arena of “Dragon Ball FighterZ” this 2020. Another form of Goku and a fusion of Goku and Broly’s counterpart in Universe 6 will be playable in this fighting game soon. Additionally, the developers are adding more Z Assist moves to every character in the roster.

The latest “Dragon Ball FighterZ” trailer for its Fighters Pass 3 showed two new characters that’ll be available in the game soon. As Ultra Instinct Goku was already revealed in Famitsu magazines in Japan, Kefla’s inclusion in the title was the surprise in the trailer.

Similar to how he fought in the animated show, Ultra Instinct Goku has the ability to superhumanly react against his enemy’s attacks and move swiftly behind them for a punishing blow. Meanwhile, Universe 6’s fusion fighter Kefla is joining the battle complete with her quick moves and unique Ki attacks.

As for their release dates, Kefla will be arriving first this coming Feb. 28. Meanwhile, Ultra Instinct Goku will be available by Spring 2020. The whole Fighters Pass still has three more mystery characters to add to the game and may be revealed and released in the latter months of 2020.

Aside from the new characters, new Dramatic Finish scenes are also added as seen in Goku and Frieza’s finishing attacks against Jiren. Both characters had to team up in defeating Jiren in order to save their universe from being erased. Since Goku is playable in many forms in “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” it’s still unknown which one can trigger this Dramatic Finish.

Also the official Bandai Namco esports Twitter page posted a video about gameplay changes for the next season. “Dragon Ball FighterZ” producer Tomoko Hiroki announced the new changes to the fans. The Season 3 update will add two new Z Assists on all characters in the fighting game. Previously, all characters had one specific assist attached to them.

In “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” assists are a valuable tool to help players pin down foes and make some breathing space for themselves. Due to the importance of assists, some characters are barely played as they offer a mediocre assist attack. However, this problem could be solved with the new assists coming into the game.