• "Dragon Ball Super" manga hints of Son Goku's new powerful form
  • Vegeta and Goku are all fired up and ready to face Moro following their intense training
  • The latest chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" also reveals the identity of Merus

The latest chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” manga reached a new height in the Galactic Prisoner arc. Vegeta and Son Goku continue to undergo intense training in preparation for their third attempt to fight and defeat the Planet Eater Moro. The most recent chapter also hints about Goku’s new powerful form that allows him to withstand the power of an Angel of Destruction, who went all out fighting him during training.

Moro has now set his eyes on planet Earth, which indicates that Goku and Vegeta’s window is nearing its end. The deadline has inspired Goku to push further to do some of the most intense training with the mysterious galactic patroller Merus. The latest chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” put a lid on the training phase of the arc.

At the final panel of the most recent chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” manga, it teases that Goku has reached a new powerful form, a more powered up Goku that can potentially defeat the powerful Planet Eater Moro. In the latest chapter, we see Merus trying to finish training Goku in the hyperbolic time chamber.

Limit Breaker Goku vs Grand Priest
Will Son Goku become a Grand Priest in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super 2" anime? Phát Hữu/flickr

Both Merus and Goku prepare to go all out against each other to test the Saiyan’s progress. This is also the part where Merus revealed his true identity as an Angel of Destruction. Whis appeared and corrected Merus for not holding back on his power when fighting Goku.

In other words, Goku has been training under the guidance of an Angel of Destruction who was not holding his power back. Merus almost broke the laws of the Angels for going all out against a mortal. When he was about to leave, Merus tells Goku that he believes that the Saiyan will win, which is a reflection of his mew confidence for the strongest fighter in Universe 7.

It can be recalled that Merus did not mince with his words to Goku in the past when he was weaker. Merus telling Goku that he could win against Moro only suggests that the Saiyan has significantly improved, more so, has achieved a powered-up form. Goku’s primary objective for training with Merus in the hyperbolic time chamber is to improve his skills in using Ultra Instinct omen.

While the latest chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” does not mention about Goku’s progress with Ultra Instinct, the Saiyan has spent a lot of time training with an Angel of Destruction. Merus, unlike Whis, taught him direct techniques, which could have helped Goku achieve new knowledge and skills.