• True intention behind Merus’ smile revealed
  • Moro continues to be a major threat for the warriors
  • 'Dragon Ball Super' Chapter 63 is releasing Thursday, Aug. 20

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63’s latest preview shows the warriors of Earth are on the verge of giving up as evil Moro, who transformed into a formidable fighter, beats them using their own unique fighting techniques.

This article contains spoilers from chapters 62 and 63

Twitter user DbsHype shared a screenshot of the preview from V-Jump translated by Andy. "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 spoilers hints Moro remains unstoppable after copying Vegeta’s technique.

With his copy ability, Moro is able to possess the power of several characters. From Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack to Piccolo’s regenerative capabilities, Moro is using them all against the warriors.

The V-Jump preview shows a shot of Goku with Moro’s arm penetrating his chest. Another shot shows a battered Vegeta on the ground.

The spoilers from "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 suggest Merus arrive with a fearless smile. However, due to Angel’s law, he can’t join the battle. Merus is currently training to be an angel.

Toward the end of Chapter 62, Merus can be seen drawing his ray gun at Moro as the latter asks if he is a Galactic Patrol. Moro senses that Merus is more than a galactic cop.

It will be interesting to see if Merus can assist Jaco in the battle against Moro in the upcoming chapter.

The previous chapter of the manga started with Piccolo asking if Moro obtained Seven-Three’s abilities too. Indeed, the villain acquired those abilities and became even more powerful. Later, Moro copied Vegeta’s powers after grabbing his neck during their match.

Vegeta continues his attack but Moro counters him with a Big Bang Attack. Piccolo fears if he has gotten Vegeta’s abilities, then he will be able to use the Forced Spirit Fission.

Meanwhile, at the Sanctuary, the Namekians are watching the fight and Dende decides to help the warriors. The least he can do is revive the fighters. However, Moro finds out about Dende’s plan and creates a barrier around the battlefield. Moro continues his rampage and defeats the heroes.

With only Jaco left as the last standing warrior, the heroes need a miracle to turn the table on Moro.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 63 is scheduled to release Thursday, Aug. 20. Fans can read the digital version of the chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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