• Moro takes a new form toward the end of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 65
  • Goku cannot kill Moro as the villain has attached himself to Earth
  • In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66, Moro turns into a giant bomb

Moro’s last attempt to defeat Goku puts the planet and its inhabitants at risk. "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 preview is out, teasing what happens next in the battle against this formidable enemy.

The latest preview for "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 shared by Twitter user DbsHype suggests that the chapter revolves around Goku’s plan to tackle Moro after the latter attaches himself to the planet.

Moro has become a super-giant bomb and if Goku kills him, the planet will end too. Moreover, Moro has made himself into this giant source of energy, which can also destroy the galaxy. It remains to be seen how Goku will beat Moro.

In "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 65, Goku helps Moro recover using Senzu Bean. The Super Saiyan wants Moro to get back to prison and serve time for his wrongdoings.

However, Moro betrays him and launches an attack. Due to Goku’s sharpened Ultra Instinct, Moro is unable to inflict any damage. In his attempt to kill Goku, Moro loses his hand.

However, he finds his old dismembered hand in the debris and attaches it to his body. It is the same hand that touched Merus and his abilities are stored inside the severed hand.

Moro transforms and gets Merus’ powers. Soon, Moro and Goku engage in a battle. Whis rescues Jaco and Kuririn from an explosion. Goku decides to take the battle in the air as he circles around the planet. Moro kicks Goku and announces that now he is as powerful as the Super Saiyan.

Toward the end of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 65, Moro reveals that he has attached himself to planet earth. With this deadly move, Goku killing Moro would mean the end of the planet and the galaxy.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 Expected Release Date

Manga Plus and Viz are yet to announce the official release date for "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66. Considering it is a monthly issue, the chapter is likely to drop Friday, Nov. 20.

Fans can read "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 66 online on Manga Plus and Viz.

Goku from "Dragon Ball Super"
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