• The Saiyans will battle against the Cerealian in the new chapter
  • Granolah and Goku's fight continues in the forest
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 73 is scheduled to release this Sunday

As the "Granolah The Survivor" arc continues, the drafts of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 73 are available online teasing what happens next after Goku and Granolah lock horns.

Twitter user DbsHype1 shared the drafts of the upcoming chapter. Interestingly, the panels have no dialogues at all and it is straight-up action featuring Granolah and Goku.

The opening scenes show Granolah firing beams at Goku who is, fearlessly, charging at him. Another panel from the drafts of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 73 shows the two warriors flying and getting in the woods.

The battle continues in the forest as they blast each other and destroy a few trees too. The final page of the drafts shows Goku taking a massive hit but the Saiyan is able to bounce back. The last panel shows Goku ready to strike back at Granolah.

In the last chapter of "Dragon Ball Super," after 18 days, Goku, Vegeta, Macki and Oil arrive on planet Cereal. Vegeta notices that the place looks peaceful.

Macki points at the faraway mountains and tells the Saiyan about the villain lurking beyond a particular mountain.

Goku and Vegeta tell Macki and Oil to stay back while they look into the threat. Little do they know that Macki and Oil are scheming against the Saiyans and Cerealians by making them fight each other.

Macki sends Oil to keep an eye on the battle and give her updates. She tells him she is waiting for Elec and Gas to arrive on the planet.

Later, the Saiyans head toward the mountain but suddenly a blast beam zooms past Goku. And soon several blasts attack the duo. Goku notes the blasts are incredibly accurate and he is hardly able to dodge them.

Vegeta tells Goku to trace them to their source and that's where they will find them. As he speaks, Vegeta powers up but the blasts stop. However, Vegeta fears the enemy will attack again and he is right. Granolah fires the blasts and this time, Goku and Vegeta are able to locate him.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 73 is scheduled to hit the stands this Sunday. Fans can read the digital version of the chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

Goku from "Dragon Ball Super Goku from "Dragon Ball Super" Photo: steamXO/Flickr/