• Vegeta challenges Granolah for a battle
  • Granolah wants to fight Freeza
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 74 is releasing Tuesday

Goku is exhausted and wounded after his battle against the mighty Cerealian named Granolah. The latest drafts for "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 74 are out teasing Vegeta gearing up to face Granolah.

Twitter user DbsHype has shared the drafts and the summary of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 74. The upcoming chapter starts with the Sugarians getting out of the city to a safer location.

Elsewhere, the battle between Vegeta and Granolah begins. Vegeta tells his opponent that clone and fusion are useless powers.

However, Granolah states he was conserving his stamina and wants to beat Vegeta’s master, Freeza. Vegeta wonders if Granolah knows he is not working for Freeza anymore. Moreover, Vegeta and Freeza are enemies.

Granolah laughs and notes Vegeta is betraying his master to save himself. Oatmeel reveals Goku also said he is not the villain, but Granolah thinks the Saiyans are part of Freeza’s gang.

Vegeta explains he was a child when the Saiyans raided Planet Cereal and he has nothing to do with this. However, Granolah still wants to kill every Saiyan and Vegeta has no choice but fight him.

Moreover, in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 74, Vegeta vows to eradicate Granolah and his history. The next panel from the drafts shows Vegeta powering up as he blows up the land around his opponent.

The massive explosion shocks Oil and almost hits a few Sugarians.

In the last chapter, Goku and Granolah’s battle continued. The chapter opened with Goku and Granolah exchanging heavy blows.

Granolah was surprised to see Goku evading his attacks. He wondered if Goku activated his evasion technique.

Goku mentioned Blue Plus Ultra Instinct is a tough form to counter for any fighter. Granolah launched a beam attack but Goku easily dodged it.

Goku countered his attacks and launched a Kamehameha. Granolah was completely thrown off by the Kamehameha attack. However, Granolah revealed stronger attacks and evasion techniques won’t help the Super Saiyan. The Cerealian stated that his right eye always locks onto the enemy’s vital points.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 74 is scheduled to hit the stands Tuesday. The chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus.

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