• Goku’s father, played a key role in saving Granolah’s life
  • The chapter will be out on Manga Plus and Viz
  • "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77 is releasing Wednesday

Monaito’s shocking revelation toward the end of the last chapter will be the focus of "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77.

Twitter user DBS Chronicles has shared the latest spoilers of Chapter 77 and credited Mugiwara_23 for translation. The chapter opens with a flashback from 40 years ago as Monaito recalls the days when Cerelians and Namekians lived together in peace on the Cereal planet.

He tells Goku, Vegeta and Granolah about the fateful night when the planet was invaded by the Saiyans.

He shares how the Saiyans killed most of the Cerelians and Namekians. Amid the chaos, Monaito manages to survive and an elder Namekian hands him two Dragon Balls.

The Saiyans continue the carnage as they destroyed the city. However, one of the invaders sees a child running away. Later in "Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77, the Saiyan follows the child to a church.

Monaito states the child was Granolah and he was hiding in the church with his mother.

As soon as Granolah sees the Saiyan in his giant ape form, he faints. Meanwhile, the Cerelians have figured out the link between the full moon and Saiyans’ giant ape form.

One of the Cerelians attempts to destroy the moon, the Saiyans try to stop him but it is too late. After the moon’s destroyed, the Saiyans return to their normal forms but they are still powerful against their opponents.

Back at the church, the Saiyan reveals his true identity as Bardock. Granolah’s mother attacks using ki against Bardock and manages to wound his arm.

At that moment, Bardock remembers a conversation he earlier had with Gine about their son Goku. Gine asks Bardock if he will see Goku before leaving for the Cereal planet.

The chapter shares a tender moment as Gine and Bardock name their son Kakarot.

As the chapter progresses, it is revealed that Bardock plays a key role in saving Granolah, his mother and Monaito from the invading forces.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77 will also showcase how Macki, Oil and the other Heeters are attempting to get their hands on the two Dragon Balls from the Cereal planet.

"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 77 is releasing Wednesday. Fans can read the chapter online on Manga Plus and Viz.

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