• "Dragon Ball Super" anime ended in 2018
  • Toei Animation has not yet revealed anything related to the second anime installment
  • "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero" will have a special panel at an event next month

Fans might hear information about "Dragon Ball Super" season 2 in an upcoming event, which is scheduled to take place in New York next month.

Toei Animation released the "Dragon Ball Super" anime adaptation in 2015, which consisted of 131 episodes and ended in Mar. 2018. Following the successful run of the anime, fans are hopeful that the team will announce the sequel of the anime very soon.

However, three years later, Toei Animation has not said anything about the anime's sequel. Instead, the latest news in the "Dragon Ball" community revolves around a new film titled "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero."

Dragon Ball Super: Battle of the Battles - Top 10 Countdown Livestream Event Announcement
Toei Animation and Funimation invite you all to join a spectacular worldwide livestream event counting down the Top 10 Greatest Fights from the acclaimed "Dragon Ball Super" anime television series, chosen only by the fans! Joined by special guest, Ian Sinclair (English voice of "Whis") with snag giveaways, live commentary, and featuring clips of the greatest fights from the series. Watch it worldwide on Toei Animation's TWITCH channel and Funimation's YOUTUBE channel! Toei Animation US YouTube Channel

The movie's plot will tell the events following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power, where Universe 7 won and revived all of the "erased" universes. More details about the upcoming film will be revealed at the New York Comin Con, scheduled on Oct. 7.

The New York Comic-Con did not share a lot of information about the "Dragon Ball Super" special panel aside from the fact that it will be about the upcoming film. However, industry insider and content creator who goes by the name Ken Xyro shared details about what fans can expect from the event.

"Dragon Ball Super will have a panel at New York Comic-Con for Super Hero movie on Oct. 7. Special guests at the panel will include Akio Iyoku, Norihiro Hayashida, Ian Sinclair, Monica Rial. There will be a movie behind the scenes discussion at the panel (and possibly more)," the insider revealed on Twitter Wednesday.

Fans are hopeful that the special panel might be the venue for the announcement of the "Dragon Ball Super" season 2. It is believed that the anime's second season will follow after the release of the upcoming film in 2022.

For now, there is no official announcement related to "Dragon Ball Super" season 2. Fans should therefore temper their expectations about the second anime adaptation.

At the moment, the "Dragon Ball Super" manga is now on its 76th chapter and with enough materials for an anime adaptation, fans hope an announcement would happen sooner than later.

"Dragon Ball Super" manga is available on Viz Media.