• New "Dragon Ball Super" anime series announcement reportedly happening next weekend
  • Mysterious panel listing hinted about 'special' "Dragon Ball Super" announcement
  • The announcement might be at the Jump Festa 2020 where "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" was also announced

"Dragon Ball Super" anime is one of the most-talked-about anime series last year. The successful run was further hyped by the release of the box-office hit anime movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly." After almost a year since the anime ended, talks about the announcement of the second "Dragon Ball Super" anime series is once again ignited by the schedule of the Jump Festa 2020 convention.

Shueisha is currently preparing to celebrate its several Weekly Shonen Jump series in various ways with the Jump Festa 2020 convention. The event will take place in Japan from Dec. 21 until Dec. 22 and is usually the event where major announcements are made for the upcoming year. In the case of "Dragon Ball Super," for instance, the same convention was the venue where "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" anime movie was announced.

Interestingly, when Shueisha first launched its lineup for the Jump Festa 2020 event, it left some spots that had fans wondering if this means a slot for the announcement of the second "Dragon Ball Super" anime series.

Dragon Ball Super Poster Oficial
A new event panel listing reportedly suggests that a new "Dragon Ball Super" anime series will be announced between Dec. 21 and Dec. 22. Brian Juarez/flickr

On the social networking site Twitter, a new listing of "Dragon Ball Super" panels for the convention was shared by DbsHype and Goreshx. The listing puzzled many fans and ignited speculations and hopes for the continuation of the popular anime series. The two mysterious panel listings are reportedly touting special "Dragon Ball Super" anime stages featuring key members of the anime series' cast.

Based on the listing, between 11:30 and 12:00 NN JST, "Dragon Ball Super" will hold a couple of special anime panels. It will feature the voice of Son Goku Masako Nozawa, and the second featuring Vegeta's voice actor Ryo Horikawa. Earlier, Vegeta's voice actor tweeted that he had a meeting with Toei Animation about a new project that will be released shortly.

There have been whispers about the second "Dragon Ball Super" anime series ever since it ended, but the latest panel news definitely made things for fans more exciting. So far, there is no official confirmation that the popular anime series will continue, but the panel will at least give us new information about "Dragon Ball." If the announcement is not for the second "Dragon Ball Super" anime series, perhaps it will be for a new movie, which was earlier confirmed to be in the works.