The latest chapter of the Galactic Prisoner arc of “Dragon Ball Super” manga sees Son Goku and Vegeta racing against a deadline and training hard to face Planet Eater Moro. In their first two attempts, Moro easily defeated them, which proved their helplessness against the powerful villain. Chapter 54 of the popular manga gives us a peek at Moro’s ultimate plan.

The latest chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” manga shifts the spotlight to another fan-favorite Saiyan, Gohan. Moro’s henchman Seven-Three opts to access his secret weapon when unable to grab Gohan’s neck to absorb his power. He nearly killed Gohan and even asks Moro why he would not just eat the Earth after he has discovered the strength of its fighters.

Moro thinks that Planet Earth no longer has any credible threats. However, Krillin and Piccolo reveal that Goku and Vegeta are still training, and Moro tells them that to wait before confronting them since both Saiyans will give him more considerable energy. In other words, the Planet Eater in “Dragon Ball Super” manga is waiting for Goku and Vegeta to get stronger for no apparent reason aside from self-satisfaction.

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This is now confirmed in the latest chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” manga as Moro talks about his plan not only to allow Goku and Vegeta to grow and become more powerful but also for the rest of the fighters in Planet Earth. Apparently, Moro wants them to be his filling and satisfying meal when he finally decides to eat them or technically absorb their Ki.

Planet Eater Moro would like to eat Universe 7, Goku, and Vegeta’s power, as well as that of other fighters into one delicious meal. Interestingly, Moro is patient and confident and would like them to take their time doing it because he believes there is no other fighter in the Galactic Patrol that could defeat or challenge him. We can safely say that Moro, at this point in “Dragon Ball Super” manga, is playing with his food.

Expect to learn more about Planet Eater Moro and his ultimate plan in the Omniverse as “Dragon Ball Super” manga slowly peaks. Meanwhile, fans are waiting for any news about the release of the much-awaited continuation to the popular anime series “Dragon Ball Super.” Toei Animation and Bandai Namco Entertainment are still mum if the project is already in the works.