The latest chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” manga is engaging with the spotlight now focused on the fan-favorite Saiyan Gohan. With Goku and Vegeta’s absence, the safety of the Earth now lies in the hands of Gohan and the rest of the Z Fighters. Surprisingly, one of the goons Moro sent to Universe 7 has a lethal secret weapon making him a formidable enemy even the powerful Gohan could not easily defeat.

Chapter 53 of “Dragon Ball Super” introduced the new villain named Seven-Three that looks like a Namekian. One of his weapons is his ability to copy the powers of others around him for thirty minutes by merely grabbing their necks. When he first appeared, he almost killed Piccolo, with Gohan arriving in the nick of time to save his mentor.

The ensuing battle between Gohan and Seven-Three in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 54 proves that there is more to this new villain than meets the eyes. Gohan initially beats him even without transforming to Super Saiyan. Seven-Three was unable to grab Gohan’s neck so he could absorb his powers, and initially, the battle seemed over.

But, “Dragon Ball Super” chapter 54 reveals that Seven-Three has another lethal secret weapon. The new villain has the ability to store up to three different kinds of stolen powers. Interestingly, he has access to Moro’s energy absorption powers. Seventy-Three quickly absorbs Gohan’s Kamehameha and wards off Piccolo, Kuririn, and Jaco.

Seven-Three’s lethal ability to store powers as revealed in chapter 154 of “Dragon Ball Super” manga makes him a significant threat second to Moro. While his ability to copy opponents’ powers is also surprising, the thirty-minute time frame is a bit of a turnoff. The latest “Dragon Ball Super” chapter also shows Seven-Three’s ability to teleport, which underlines his ability to switch on and off his access to particular powers.

Moro is the biggest threat in the universe right now, but Seven-Three could do substantial havoc if given a chance to go all out in the upcoming chapters of “Dragon Ball Super” manga. Meanwhile, it is refreshing to see Gohan back in action once again in the latest episode. Fans are hoping that the team behind the manga would give him more spotlight, just like in “Dragon Ball Z.”