Draw Something's success story has warmed the hearts of millions over the last several weeks and has even broken the record as the fastest-growing mobile game ever. Since the game's maker OMGPOP was acquired by Zynga, people around the country have been citing the company's rise to stardom as a modern-day Cinderella story. Draw Something, as of this moment, is the king of the mobile world.

In essence, Draw Something is an incredibly simple game. It's similar to a game of Pictionary. One participant is required to draw an idea, object or person while the other is required to guess its name. Draw Something is currently available on Android and iOS, and it can also be played from OMGPOP's website.

The game is incredibly fun for those that understand complicated art school theories and purchase the full game, but for those that are stuck doodling on the free version, it can be less enjoyable. Part of the reason many are frustrated is that very few colors are given to players for free, which makes things much harder to draw.

Still -- while the colors and brushes may not be extensive -- some users have drawn awfully. Stick figures and terrible coloring can't even begin to describe what some of the worst drawings on Draw Something look like. Our team, all dedicated Draw Something fans, has decided to put together the worst drawings from the game ever.