dropbox for xbox
Dropbox has launched a new app for Xbox One. Here's how you can view and share files, photos and videos from the TV. Dropbox

Dropbox has launched a new app for Xbox One. It’s the first universal Windows app for cloud storage on the Xbox One, Microsoft said. The app will allow users to view and share their files, photos and videos, from the TV.

Since the app makes it easier to stream from your own personal videos to the big screen, the app may appeal to those who have a large video library - especially those who rip off DVDs. You can also upload files from USB drives connected to Xbox One or upload files from other universal Windows 10 apps you may have on your Xbox One. Other applications like VLC can access your files in your account.

Dropbox’s app introduces a new interface that’s optimized for use on the TV, where you can easily navigate your media remote. The new app was a project at Dropbox’s annual hack week, when the company takes 5 days to build new projects "At this year's event, one of our engineers decided to prototype the app, and demoed it to other Dropboxers, showing how we can bring a new Dropbox user interface within Xbox that is optimized for TV screens and for gamepad navigation," Dropbox staff engineer Rudy Huyn told Engadget.

Hyun said he knew there was a demand for this app, so Dropbox wanted to make it available to everyone. Having Dropbox on the Xbox One will be a major benefit to app developers as well as your average console owner. With the new app, developers can easily access files stored in Dropbox. The app works with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku and Xbox.

Dropbox’s app for Xbox is live Monday on the Xbox Store as a free download.