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"Traditional" gardening - growing in soil - is still the most common way to grow a plant, whether that is at home or commercially. But as technology advances, modern gardening techniques and methods have also evolved, with hydroponics showing major leaps in innovation. Who would've thought that you can plant without soil? This type of gardening allows you to plant flowers, herbs, and vegetables by simply using nutrient-rich solutions, oxygen, and water - no soil needed!

No soil needed! VIVOSUN

As more people begin their own at-home gardens to grow food they love, they have started to discover hydroponics. It may seem odd at first, especially if you're not yet familiar with the tools, but hydroponics is easy, fulfilling, and can yield a lot of flowers and fruit! If you're planning to try hydroponics for the first time, VIVOSUN makes upgrading your garden easy.

How Do Hydroponic Systems Work?

Hydroponics is derived from two Greek words: hydro (water) and ponein (to labor or toil). Instead of soil, the water will provide nutrients and oxygen to plants. In traditional gardening, plant roots have to seek nutrients in the soil and do so by spreading as far as they can. In hydroponic gardening, nutrients are dissolved in water that surrounds roots making it easier for plants to get the nutrients they need, resulting in rapid growth and larger yields.

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Hydroponics is easy and fulfilling. VIVOSUN

Hydroponic systems work by providing precise control over environmental factors such as temperature and pH balance so that growers can increase the amount of nutrients plants are exposed to so that they grow faster. Hydroponics essentially uses nutrients dissolved in water which then percolates around the roots of a plant, encouraging nutrient uptake without soil. What makes hydroponics so powerful is that it can be done indoors and outdoors, in small spaces or in large spaces because you can monitor and adjust the light and pH levels your plants need in a controlled environment.

There are also different types of hydroponic systems, such as deep water culture (DWC), wicking systems, nutrient film technique (NFT), deep systems, ebb and flow, and drip systems. Although they work in similar ways each has its own benefits and advantages for your hydroponic garden. The most common hydroponic system is the DWC, which VIVOSUN proudly offers.

Innovative Features of VIVOSUN DWC Hydroponic System

With all the DWC hydroponic systems available in the market, VIVOSUN has DWC hydroponic systems that make hydroponics a simple, convenient, and fun way to grow plants. They come with innovative features that allow you to grow your plants faster and healthier while creating larger harvests so your hydroponic garden will flourish.

If you're planning to start your own hydroponic garden or love plants but lack time to take care of them, the VIVOSUN Hydroponic System Kit will help you grow a beautiful hydroponic garden wherever you want to. VIVOSUN offers hydroponics kits in one or four buckets. They are easy to install and operate and include no extra confusing components: simply plug in the air pump and the system will operate automatically.

VIVOSUN Hydroponic System Kit
The VIVOSUN Hydroponic System Kit will help you grow a hydroponic garden anywhere. VIVOSUN

VIVOSUN's DWC hydroponic system has a unique two-in-one unique Top Drip Irrigation design that features a special air pump that creates air bubbles in the nutrient mixture and a jet drip irrigation system at the top for a more suitable environment, which promotes faster root development and better growth compared to other conventional DWC systems. The system simultaneously circulates water to keep the nutrient solution fresh for easy absorption and to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

Maintaining the VIVOSUN DWC System is easy: you can check water, EC, and pH levels conveniently with the viewing window. The included clay pebbles keep the plants' upper roots dry and provide a stable base of support, which serves as a replacement for soil. Meanwhile, the built-in floating red ball clearly indicates the water level, so you can quickly check whether it is time to refill. Further, the included airstone releases bubbles and aids in water recirculation.

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Maintaining the VIVOSUN DWC System is easy too. VIVOSUN

Whether you choose a one- or four-bucket system, the VIVOSUN DWC kit will fit anywhere from your grow tent to indoor gardens, basements, and open areas. There are also durable handles to help you move and carry the bucket effortlessly and an inline valve prevents water from flowing backward, helping avoid spills. You can easily clean the buckets by washing them with water and wiping them with a moist cloth. Once you have cleaned your hydroponics buckets, rotate the water pipe downwards to remove the floating red ball and start the automatic drainage process. VIVOSUN has designed this hydroponics kit to be a simple-to-use introduction to growing that doesn't omit all the capacities that a professional system should include.

Start growing your very own hydroponic garden with VIVOSUN!