It was a sad night for fans of Nikki Glaser after she was eliminated first from Season 27 of “Dancing With the Stars.” However, she isn’t the only one saying goodbye—and before week 2 is over, at least one more team will be saying goodbye.

Following a two-night premiere week, the ABC competition series is once again seeing teams perform over two nights of competition, including a “New York” themed night on Monday and a “Las Vegas” themed night on Tuesday (it’s unclear if only teams in jeopardy will be performing on night two). By the time everything comes to an end, at least one team will be eliminated—or, if there is a double elimination in the works-two.

No matter how many teams are eliminated though, there are a few who stand out more than others when it comes to their journey coming to a potential end.

After finding themselves saved from elimination at the last minute, it’d be safe to say that Nancy McKeon and Val Chmerkovskiy (a.k.a Team McVal) aren’t as safe as they may have previously seemed. Though they weren’t strictly in the Bottom Two, being in jeopardy isn’t necessarily a good sign when on the show. They could have still been tagged as in Jeopardy even if they had the best scores of the night—but it would seem unlikely. Even with improvement in their scores from the judges, if they don’t have the fan support, their time on the show is limited.

John Schneider and Emma Slater could also be at risk of elimination as well if their scores don’t improve. Though they were firmly in the middle of the pack, they too were initially in jeopardy. Though a goodbye for them seems only more certain in the case of a double elimination, their time on the show is likely going to be short-lived.

Also likely to be at risk will be Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson. While the “Bachelor in Paradise” star certainly has a strong fan following-one which kept him out of jeopardy entirely in Week 1—it's not a guarantee that will always help him. If his footwork doesn’t improve, or his nerves don’t settle and he makes big mistakes again, he will consistently be scored lower than the rest of the teams. As their scores potentially improve and start all hitting in the 20s—and even hit perfect 30s—scores like his 14 or an 18 will hurt him.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.