Sammy Joe looks a little different these days. In the CW’s “Dynasty” reboot, Rafael De La Fuente takes over the role actress Heather Locklear made famous, but the Venezuelan actor says fans of the original will still see the aspects they love.

“We’re trying to make it stand on it’s own and be it’s own thing,” De La Fuente told International Business Times. “But we have to pay homage to the original and the classic stuff that people remember from ‘Dynasty,’ like the fashion, the catfights and the opulence of it all, is of course in our show. It wouldn’t be ‘Dynasty’ otherwise.”

The CW drama follows the Carrington family, who own a global energy empire, and the trouble that comes when Blake (Grant Shaw) appoints his young wife Cristal (Nathalie Kelley) as the company’s new COO instead of his daughter Fallon (Elizabeth Gilles). Cristal’s past, which includes Sammy Joe, threatens to destroy her new life.

Dynasty Sammy Joe
Rafael De La Fuente plays the troublemaking Sammy Joe on the CW’s “Dynasty” reboot. The CW

Though the new Sammy Joe is tall, dark and handsome, fans should expect the thirst for drama to be the same. “Look, it’s the same essence, the same personality type,” the actor explained. “This is a guy that has been through a lot and has sort of found a way of living, a way of existing that perhaps is questionable, but that’s just the way he’s figured out how to survive. He’s a little bit of a schemer, he [doesn’t] always tells the truth and [is] conniving.”

While he definitely has a bad boy vibe, viewers should not mistake him as a bad guy. Sammy Joe, who prefers to go by Sam these days, isn’t trying to ruin anyone’s life. “He’s not really a villain, but he does naughty stuff,” De La Fuente said. “I think audiences are going to like him because he has a way about doing the things he does that is just very funny and charming. He uses his natural sexuality and charm to get away with murder, and it’s fun to watch because he’s a little bit outrageous sometimes. A lot outrageous.”

Expect to see that “natural sexuality” right away in Wednesday’s “Dynasty” premiere. When Sam meets Stephen Carrington (James Mackay), sparks will fly.

“Steven’s buttoned up-ness and just like how much of a good boy he is, I think, amuses Sam, and Sam thinks it’s funny and finds it really entertaining to try to push him out of his box and mess with him,” the actor told IBT. “And I think Steven is incredibly interested by how in the moment, sometimes even reckless, Sam is because he’s so square and such a good boy. So it’s a fun, interesting dynamic because they’re polar opposites.”

Raphael de la Fuente
It won’t take long for Sammy Joe (Rafael De La Fuente) to find a love interest on “Dynasty.” The CW

However, De La Fuente warned that it won’t be an easy relationship. “But it is definitely a rocky road. There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs. It’s all going to be sexy. [There are] a couple of sexy scenes in there.”

This isn’t De La Fuente’s first time playing a gay character. The actor has previously appeared as LGBT characters on both Fox’s “Empire” and ABC’s miniseries “When We Rise.” He says he has definitely heard a positive response from his gay fans.

“There needs to be more presence of gay characters. … When you are out there representing that [underrepresented] community, the members of that community are always going to be very grateful and supportive of you,” De La Fuente said. “You can go on my social media and see the people commenting and there is a very strong gay fanbase there. And I love them and appreciate them and feel so proud. It’s a great following.”

It’s a following that will likely only grow after “Dynasty” starts. The show premieres Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.