The EarFun packaging is nice and minimal

Who Are The EarFun Free Pro Wireless Earbuds For?

  • The EarFun Free Pro Wireless Earbuds are for those who want the features of high-end wireless earbuds without the big price tag
  • These earbuds are great for those who want to listen to music or podcasts while working out
  • The EarFun Free Pro Wireless Earbuds make for a small and easy gift

Apple's AirPods have popularized the completely wireless approach to earbuds, and when one item becomes popular, a bunch of imitators and competitors rise up. This is certainly true for EarFun with their EarFun Free Pro wireless earbuds.

The EarFun Free Pro wireless earbuds share many of the same features as the AirPods. This includes a carrying case that charges the earbuds, wireless charging capabilities, and more. But do the EarFun Free Pro earbuds stack up to the comparatively much more expensive AirPods?

Great First Impression

My initial impressions of the EarFun Free Pro earbuds were all great. The earbuds come in a nice, little box that also serves as a mobile charger. The earbuds are held in the box with magnets, and the box itself uses magnets to keep closed.

Even cooler, the box itself features wireless charging. At the end of the day, I can put the earbuds back into their box and plop the box down on my wireless charging pad, and both the box charger and the earbuds will be ready to go when I need them again.

Wireless charging with the EarFun Free Pros in action

Speaking of charging, the earbuds themselves last an adequate amount of time on a single charge, a good six to seven hours, and are quickly charged back up when put into their case. The case also seemed to charge pretty quickly as well, so you shouldn't expect much downtime with these earbuds.

The EarFun Free Pro earbuds also come with a pretty unique mode: a low-latency setting. Bluetooth audio has a slight delay when transmitting, and this is universal across all Bluetooth devices. To try and combat this, the EarFun Free Pro low-latency mode tries to pump out audio faster, while sacrificing wireless range. This mode actually works pretty well, and makes watching videos with a Bluetooth device a smoother experience.

As far as range goes, the EarFun Free Pros have a very solid connection distance. In fact, the only way I could get them to start breaking up was by stepping out onto my balcony and closing the door. Granted, I have a fairly small apartment, but that means I can wear these anywhere I want without having to keep my phone in my pocket. In fact, the low-latency mode also has a great range, despite the claims that the mode would reduce the wireless range.

I also really liked the touch controls initially. The ability to control a surprising amount of my media with simple taps to my ears seemed great at first. I also really liked the novel idea of tying volume to each ear, so you tap on the left earbud to lower the volume and tap on the right to raise it.

But What About Sound Quality?

In all this talk about features, I didn't mention how the EarFun Free Pros actually sound. I can report that I found the earbuds to be pretty much the definition of "fine." Audio comes through loud and clear, but doesn't do much to really stand out from other products. While there aren't any issues with the audio quality, don't expect these to be impeccable in-ear monitors either.

The audio quality won't blow you away, but is decent enough

As for the microphone, I was told that I came in surprisingly clearly when talking to people on the phone. Considering I've tried other pairs of headphones with built-in microphones that work much worse than this, and they are in a much better position in relation to my mouth than the microphones on the EarFun Free Pros, that's pretty nice.

ANC Is No Good

After about one day of use, the active noise cancelling (or ANC) feature built into the earbuds seemed to break completely. Whenever I activated the ANC mode, the right earbud sounded like there was something inside making scratching and popping noises. This same sound was even louder when using the audio passthrough mode. However, the noises completely stopped when using the "normal" play setting.

While it's disappointing to see the ANC dying so quickly, the feature didn't really do anything when it was working properly. Toggling the ANC mode on and off didn't have any major impact on how much sound was blocked out by the earbuds.

A Slow Slide Down

What started as a positive experience with the EarFun Free Pro earbuds slowly became a negative one. Initially, the EarFun Free Pro earbuds stayed in my ears with little issue. A few days later, they seemed a little shaky. About a week after my first use, and the EarFun Free Pros now refuse to stay put.

The customization options included with the EarFun Free Pros

The EarFun Free Pro earbuds come with a selection of customizable bits to help make a better fit, but I have tried multiple different options and nothing has really helped. And guess what happens when you are trying to listen to something when the earbuds pop out? You end up touching the earbuds, setting off all sorts of commands from the touch controls.

Additionally, the cool touch controls have stopped being so responsive. In fact, I frequently would try to use them, only to result in the earbuds doing some other command. For example, you tap once on the left earbud to turn down the volume, and can tap twice to pause whatever is playing. Tapping three times modifies the ANC settings. Frequently when trying to pause something, I would either end up modifying the volume or ANC settings instead, despite only tapping twice.

Lastly, the earbuds can work independently from each other. While that may seem like a cool prospect, allowing people to only use one or to pipe in two different sources of audio, in reality it can make it sound like what you are listening to is ping-ponging around in your head. I experienced a bit of a rough Bluetooth connection once, which caused one earbud to lose connection, followed by the other. But by the time the second would drop its connection, the first would pick it back up. Audio was jumping from one ear to the other repeatedly.

The earbuds nestled into their carrying/charging case

Also, if one earbud disconnects or its battery runs out before the other, touch controls become very annoying. You can no longer control the volume, and the number of other controls is cut in half.

Final Thoughts

The EarFun Free Pro wireless earbuds are very much just OK. The standard audio playback mode works fine enough, and I do really like the low-latency mode. However, the ANC at best doesn't work and at worst very negatively impacts the listening experience.

Additionally, the EarFun Free Pros don't stay in my ears all that well. Granted, most earbuds don't stay in my ears that well either, but when you go wireless, any earbud that pops out becomes much more concerning as it isn't tethered to anything.

If you want a basic pair of wireless earbuds at a lower price than the competition, the EarFun Free Pros will work. If you want wireless earbuds with any sort of special features or reliability, look elsewhere.

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