Easter Egg
Just because you're not a kid anymore doesn't mean you have to miss out on the fun of an Easter egg hunt. Getty Images

Remember waking up Easter Sunday morning and feeling the thrill of searching for eggs filled with candy and coins? The emotion subsided once you aged out of believing in Santa Claus and of course, the Easter Bunny, but it doesn’t mean adults can’t have fun too. This year, why not make Easter just as enjoyable for adults as it is for kids? For this game, alcohol is involved, so participants should be 21 or older.

Traditional Egg Hunt With a Twist:

One obvious thing adults can do is hide eggs and put chocolates filled with liquor on the inside. Or hide a tiny bottle in there. You could even forgo the eggs and just hide the mini bottles of liquor and cans of beer, but that’s not as festive.

Turn It Into a Drinking Game:

Before the eggs are hidden, write a number on a piece of paper and then place it inside the egg. When everyone opens their eggs at the end, that’s how many sips or shots they have to take. The type of alcohol is left to the participant's discretion. If you’re in the mood to get really wasted, do shots. If you just want a little buzz, go for beer. Wine is not suggested for this game.

Do It Old School:

Have someone who isn’t participating hide the eggs, whether it’s inside or outside. Count the number of eggs gathered at the end of the game, just as you did when you were a child. The only difference here is that the winner gets a bottle of alcohol or case of beer.

Drink or Dare:

This idea comes courtesy of Bustle. Of course, there is alcohol involved in it also. Instead of hunting for eggs, fill a bowl with plastic eggs. On pieces of paper write “alcohol,” which means participants take a shot, or write a dare on it. If the person doesn’t want to do the dare, he or she has to take a shot.

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