Deviled eggs are a popular staple at dinners and potlucks. Creative Commons

Searching for eggs on Easter may be fun for the kids, but eating eggs is even better, and the best way to enjoy them on Easter is deviled. Along with ham and lamb, deviled eggs are one of the mainstays of the Easter table, whether that be for lunch or dinner.

There isn’t one "right" way to make deviled eggs, but all the many ways involve boiling eggs, taking the yolks out, combining the yolk with some other ingredients, and putting that new yolk mixture back into the egg white. Here are some different ways to make that delectable dish you know you want Sunday. But remember, always use mayonnaise, never Miracle Whip.

The Classic: There’s just something gratifying about the classic deviled egg, the kind that mom made. This is a classic recipe from Hellmann’s that uses, coincidentally, Hellmann’s mayonnaise. While using the tried and true mayonnaise brand is the best bet, you can use any kind of mustard.

Eggs with a kick: This recipe from Alton Brown is inspired by the classic deviled egg recipe, but has a bit more of a punch. It uses the traditional ingredients — mayonnaise, Dijon mustard — but adds three different types of peppercorns to give it a little bit of a different flavor.

(Deviled) eggs benedict: This recipe combines that luxurious breakfast dish of eggs benedict with the deviled egg. The deviled egg part of this dish sort of serves as the hollandaise sauce to the combination of breadcrumbs and Canadian bacon.

Sriracha deviled eggs: Sriracha is having its moment as one of the more trendy foods out there, so if you have some foodie friends coming over for Easter, here is a recipe that incorporates the Southeast Asian sauce.

Beet pickled deviled eggs: Pickled beet eggs — that is hard-boiled eggs brined in beet juice — are for the more culinary adventurous eater, or anyone who has been to the neighborhood bar in Pennsylvania, where these types of eggs often sit on the bar. Combine this classic dish with the deviled egg this Easter for a change of pace.

Deviled eggs with salmon: This is close to a take on the classic New York tradition of a bagel topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Use some high quality mayonnaise and the best smoked salmon you can find, which may get harder the farther away you get from New York City.