Snapchat Easter stickers
Snapchat added Easter stickers for the holiday. Snapchat

Snapchat and Instagram have been ready for Easter for almost a week now. The two apps added stickers so you can celebrate from Palm Sunday until the big day. Users on either platform, or both, have the option to choose from a variety of cute stickers.

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The stickers have your typical Spring themed colors, in the shape of cute eggs, chocolate bunnies, flowers and chicks. Snapchat has more variety to choose from, and of course the bunny lens that transforms the user into an adorable bunny with a high voice is available in the app as well. But it seems as though the bouncing bunny feature, that took a user’s face and added it to a dancing bunny suit is missing.

Instagram though has some stickers for Passover and for spring in general for those who don’t specifically celebrate Easter. The stickers include some cute bunny ears and bunny nose and mouth users can wear in their videos or photos.

Instagram Easter stickers
Instagram added Easter stickers for the holiday. NASA

The two platforms have been in competition each one-upping one another as much as possible. On Thursday Instagram announced it now has more users on stories than Snapchat does overall, issuing a blow to Snap’s stock price.