Every Valentine's Day needs chocolate, and there are plenty of great recipes around, from cookies and brownies to cakes and puddings. Jeffreyw/Creative Commons

A welcome addition to all the ways people celebrate Valentine’s Day, chocolate is the one key ingredient for a girls’ night out, Valentine’s Day party or romantic date. Quick and easy to make, these chocolate-centered recipes are ideal whether you’ve planned ahead or procrastinated and need to bake last-minute brownies. From gluten-free torts to hot chocolate, here is a perfect batch of all the chocolate recipes one could possibly need for a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Another winter storm is coming. Stay cozy and warm up with this rich but quick and easy hot chocolate. If sipping hot cocoa provides an insufficient chocolate intake, trying dunking these double chocolate chunk cookies into it.

This spiced chocolate fondue is perfect for parties. It takes just 30 minutes to make, and is rich with spices such as cinnamon and cloves. Trying dipping gingerbread, fruit and cookies. You could also experiment with other baked goods for a combination of flavors.

For a romantic homemade dessert, try this no-bake chocolate custard or quick and easy chocolate cake. Garnish with red fruit, such as fresh raspberries, cherries or sliced strawberries for a Valentine’s Day special.

Peanut-butter lovers will rejoice at these no-bake chocolate peanut-butter cookies, which have just four ingredients and, unlike most no-bake cookies, are neither gooey nor sticky.

The gluten-free approach has caught on in the U.S., even among those who don’t actually know what gluten is. Just because it’s a fad, though, doesn’t mean that something without flour can’t be delicious. This flourless chocolate cake uses almonds, which means you can deceive yourself into thinking chocolate cake may actually be somewhat healthy. Plus, the ganache frosting is made with heavy cream, espresso and finely chopped, high-quality chocolate.

Why pick between chocolate fudge and chocolate cake when you can have two in one? Bake molten chocolate cupcakes filled with raspberries in a little more than 30 minutes to get your fill of melt-in-your-mouth fudge.

Hasty chocolate pudding can be whipped up in a flash in the microwave. Fat-free milk and Splenda can replace whole milk and sugar for those trying to cut back, but still indulge their sweet teeth.

Brownies often conjure up images of mountains of chocolate-smeared bowls and mixing spoons. With these easy, homemade chocolate brownies, you can make the batter in one bowl. The recipe removes the inconvenience of chopping chocolate by using powdered cocoa, but doesn’t sacrifice a rich chocolate taste.

A tried-and-true recipe making a subtly moist, dense cake that is not excessively sweet is this moist chocolate beet cake, iced with creme fraiche and sprinkled with poppy seeds. You could eat it for breakfast Sunday morning, as it tastes even better on the second day.