Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy Reuters

Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion have combined their creative talents to record the socially conscious driver’s-education anthem “Redlight.” The reggae track finds Murphy and Snoop Lion at their best -- contemplating all that is wrong in the world and our need to remain true to ourselves.

In the equally random video, Murphy and Snoop Lion move between shots in what appears to be a pretty comfy home studio to, well, just more shots in that comfy studio.

The makings of a rasta jam session are all there -- backup singers, an obviously competent production crew and even a live band. Add a couple of green strobe lights to the mix, and you have island-inspired video greatness.

Musically, Murphy is probably best known for the 1980s classic “Party All the Time,” still fun at YouTube. But you can’t help but feel the passion -- and almost smell the weed -- that brought this new musical gem to life.

You can watch the clip below: