• Hello Games planning more updates for "No Man's Sky"
  • Hello Games to release new game titled "The Last Empire"
  • "No Man's Sky" can be played via VR with no extra cost

With the COVID-19 pandemic plaguing the world, most companies are paralyzed to get anything done. Some have skeletal workers, while others have shifted to online means. "No Man's Sky" developers are prime examples of making the most of what technology has provided. Aware that they have plenty of work to do to raise the credibility of the ambitious space exploration game, Hello Games vows to roll out more updates to make the game more exciting.

Since its release back in 2016, most know how "No Man's Sky" has failed to live up to expectations. Game developers are working towards improving player experience and have so far garnered some mileage. Among the patches, they added the Living Ships and the recently Exo-Mech suits that addressed the complaints about limited mobility. Although the latter faced its share of criticism, it remains that Hello Games is still committed to making enhancements for better gaming experience. Much of this was covered in a previous report.

Looking ahead, it appears Hello Games has no plans of slowing down. In a recent blog post, it was mentioned how there is more to come in 2020. It was not mentioned what is in store for "No Man's Sky" gamers. But being a game with millions of possibilities, any innovation to the space exploration game is pretty much welcome.

With that said, it would be best to religiously check out updates from Hello Games. The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping most at home, perhaps the best time for anyone looking to try out some online video games to keep themselves occupied. As far as changes, it could range to new ships, weapons, or even missions. Being an infinite universe, the possibilities are endless.

"No Man's Sky" is available to play for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC. Folks who want to take it up a notch can also enjoy the game via VR with no additional costs included. Hello Games remains busy and is, in fact, working on another adventure game called "The Last Campfire," Gaming Bolt reported. That title is set to come out this summer, meaning people holed up at home can get the chance to try it out via their preferred game console.

'No Man's Sky' exocraft
'No Man's Sky' fans are reportedly getting suspicious packages from Hello Games, and they may tease an incoming update. Will players be able to fully activate portals soon? 'No Man's Sky' is available now on PS4 and PC. Hello Games