• "The Elder Scrolls VI" is still a few years away, according to a Bethesda executive
  • The gaming studio officially announced and released the trailer of the game in E3 2018
  • According to a Bethesda executive fans could learn more about the game after the release of "Starfield"

“The Elder Scrolls VI” is one of the highly anticipated titles that fans have been talking about for years. Since Bethesda’s official announcement of the game at the E3 2018, the gaming studio went dark about details of the sixth installment to the successful action adventure series. Recently, a Bethesda executive confirmed this and restated that news about “The Elder Scrolls VI” is still a few years away.

The latest news about “The Elder Scrolls VI” came directly from Bethesda SVP for Global Marketing And Communications Pete Hines. On his official Twitter account, the executive was asked by a follower when to expect information about the highly anticipated title. To this, Hines said that details about “The Elder Scrolls VI” would be available after “Starfield.”

“It’s after Starfield, which you pretty much know nothing about. So, if you’re coming at me for details now and not years from now, I’m failing to properly manage your expectations,” the executive replied. A couple of years earlier, Bethesda announced and released the official trailer of “The Elder Scrolls VI” not only to confirm the existence of the game but also to prove to the gaming industry that single player titles have never been forgotten.

Skyrim Elder Scrolls game
Fans believe "The Elder Scrolls VI" is already in full production. Bethesda

Hines’ recent statement about “The Elder Scrolls VI” aligns with what Todd Howard said a few months ago about the upcoming game. Howard also revealed earlier that Bethesda would only release details about the sixth installment of “The Elder Scrolls” series following the release of “Starfield.” Meanwhile, “Starfield” is confirmed to launch on the next generation gaming consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Unfortunately, Bethesda is still tight-lipped about the precise release date of its upcoming epic RPG set in space. At this point, fans could only predict when to expect official details about “The Elder Scrolls VI.” Earlier, some fans pointed out a job listing posted by Bethesda, which reportedly underlined that “The Elder Scrolls VI” has already entered into pre-production.

Hines is clear that the much-awaited title is still a few years away. However, fans could always expect leaks and rumors surrounding the game since, despite the absence of official information from Bethesda, tipsters and fans alike are still digging for relevant information that could be related to the game.