hillary clinton
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues to out-fundraise Republican opponent Donald Trump. Getty Images

The polls show Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are neck-and-neck in this year’s race for the White House. But, according to the latest reported campaign fundraising figures, Clinton’s coffers continue to far exceed Trump’s war chest.

Trump raised $90 million in August, according to a report from CNN Wednesday, compared to Clinton’s whopping and record-setting $143 million in the same month. All told, since launching her campaign, Clinton’s raised $327 million and spent $268 million.

Trump, who said at a rally in Greenville, North Carolina, Tuesday he expected “very big” figures, has thus far pulled in $128 million in campaign funds, however, nearly half has come from his own pockets.

"We've raised a lot, and a lot of it, unfortunately, came from me. What am I going to do?" the billionaire said. “But a lot of it came from small donors. We’re averaging $61 a shot and we raised millions.

Trump’s contributed $52 million toward his White House run and altogether his campaign has spent $90 million of the $128 million raised, according to The Hill.

Each candidate has employed fundraising systems that accept either small online donations or ask wealthier contributors to donate to joint fundraising committees that are also tied to the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

Clinton’s campaign released its massive fundraising figures last week. Politico reported her campaign told its finance council it needs to raise at least another $100 million for the final two months of the election.

Trump ccontinues to pressure the former first lady and secretary of state in the polls and he has made significant headway in fundraising efforts in recent months. The New York Times reported Trump and the RNC raked in $82 million in July, $64 million of which came from a “joint digital and mail effort.” Clinton raised $90 million in the same cycle.

The extra cash on hand may help Trump close the marginal poll gap. According to Real Clear Politics, the latest poll shows Clinton up by four points, but several polls published Wednesday only gave Clinton a two-point advantage and one had Trump ahead by as much as five points.