Netflix’s “Elite” definitely shocked fans with the new mystery and twists this season, but nothing prepared them for the new romantic pairing between Carla (Ester Expósito) and Samuel (Itzan Escamilla). I swear I was hoping to see Samuel and Dana Paola’s Lu get intimate this season.

In the first season, it was impossible to imagine Carla and Samuel together. But it was also the events that transpired in the freshman run of the Spanish teen drama that drove Samuel to target Carla in Season 2.

Warning: If you haven’t finished watching “Elite” Season 2 yet, then you better stop reading now. But seriously? How dare you not finish it in one sitting!

Anyhow, the finale was a roller coaster of emotions that did not disappoint. With so many good subplots, it was thrilling to see how each scene unfolded and contributed to the atmosphere that was being set for the next season. FYI: The show’s been renewed for another season, so hooray!!!

Throughout the first seven episodes, fans were made to believe that Samuel has disappeared and his body could be decomposing somewhere in the woods. Certain scenes also made some fans give up hope on the possibility of seeing Samuel alive in the finale. Like who could forget Carla’s shocking admission to Lu that Samuel’s dead?

Prior his disappearance, Samuel managed to screw woo Carla into a half-romance, half-interrogation relationship. In the process Carla somehow became attached to Samuel, but she was still level-headed and very careful not to disclose to him that her ex-boyfriend Polo (Álvaro Rico) was the one who murdered Marina (María Pedraza).

Unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared for Samuel’s calculated move of recording her semi-confession. When Carla found out that Samuel came forward to the detective with the tape, she furiously confronted Samuel. In their heated exchange, Carla dropped a bombshell when she indirectly confessed her feelings for Samuel. And it’s obvious that Samuel had already developed some type of affection for Carla, but he was still eager to expose Marina’s killer.

In the final episode, a shocking twist revealed that Samuel wasn’t dead but was just hiding with the help of enemy-turned-comrade Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau). The two collaborated to make Carla snap and expose Polo now that they have figured out that he was Marina’s real killer. Samuel was obviously a tad confident that Carla already has feelings for him.

As the search for Samuel continued to intensified and after the authorities took Guzmán for a trip to his grandparents’ house, Carla cracked and confessed the truth about Marina’s death to the detective, but she first informed Polo about it. Her confession led to Polo’s arrest, but Polo managed to bend the truth once again with the help of his new girlfriend, Cayetana (Georgina Amorós). The final moments of Season 2 showed Polo making a grand entrance at Las Encinas two weeks after the arrest.

Going back to Samuel and Carla’s whirlwind romance, it’s quite clear that the two had developed feelings for each other. When they saw each other at the police station, their last conversation confirmed that Carla did fall in love with Samuel. However, she chose to deny it by telling Samuel that he never had her. But her expression after turning away from Samuel clearly told us otherwise.

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Elite cast
Álvaro Rico, Ester Expósito and Itzan Escamilla attend "Elite" 2nd Season Premiere at Callao Cinema on Aug. 29, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. Getty Images/Pablo Cuadra