Elizabeth Olsen has dropped the names of some of her childhood celebrity crushes. In an interview with W Magazine earlier this week, the actress revealed she used to daydream about her celebrity crushes while she was growing up and even imagined herself doing scenes with them in her bathroom.

The actress said Frank Sinatra was her first celebrity crush.

Olsen said one embarrassing yet relatable thing she did as a kid was pretend to be in a movie with her crush. While she did not reveal the plot of her daydreams, she named some of the other celebrities he was previously infatuated with.

She said after realizing how old Sinatra was, she became infatuated with George Clooney, who filled the “Sinatra-shaped hole” in her heart. She said the bathroom scenes she once imagined doing with Sinatra became all about Clooney.

“Those scenes turned into scenes with George Clooney as I got older and I realized Frank Sinatra was an old man,” she told the magazine. “I was like, ‘Well, maybe if I get older, I can at least work with George Clooney, as his daughter’s friend or something, and then we have a thing,” she added.

Olsen then talked about starring alongside Paul Bettany in “Wandavision,” and how hard it was for her to be affectionate with him because he was always covered in red paint.

“It’s really hard. It comes off on me, even though they try as much as they can to powder him. They have to powder his hands all the time, because if he wants to touch my face, they have to be on top of us for those scenes. It’s really not practical,” she said.

Olsen also opened up about playing Wanda in the ‘50s housewife episode and how tortuous it was for her to wear vintage clothes and shoes.

“It’s all helpful for the time, for the character, for how women move, how they talk. The shoes were the worst. I did wear vintage period shoes. And that’s awful. My feet don’t even like heels, let alone heels that have quite literally no support,” she said.

Elizabeth Olsen
Actress Elizabeth Olsen attended the "Ingrid Goes West" premiere during day 2 of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah wearing a cream coat by Sportmax. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival