• Moonpay has been helping celebrities and VIPs own NFTs 
  • The financial company reportedly facilitated an NFT purchase for Elon Musk
  • Musk has not yet confirmed rumors that he purchased a Bored Ape Yacht NFT

Justin Beiber, Jimmy Fallon, Paris Hilton and Post Malone are among the celebrities that have deals with Moonpay and received Bored Apes and it now appears that Elon Musk is adding himself to this list — if the latest rumor is anything to go by.

The rumors started when the well-known non-fungible token (NFT) collector who goes by the name Deepak.eth shared an interesting tweet. They claimed the Bored Ape NFT under the number 1,837 (BAYC #1837) was sold for 569 ETH to an anonymous buyer.

They also threw in a juicy, but unverified, detail about the NFT having been purchased by Tesla CEO and tech billionaire Elon Musk through a MoonPay. "I thought I had it at 690.420 ETH. Oh well ... as long as it goes to ElonMusk, I’ll be happy," the NFT collector tweeted.

Tesla, Elon Musk's electric auto company, reported record annual profits but warned that supply chain problems would persist into 2022
Tesla, Elon Musk's electric auto company, reported record annual profits but warned that supply chain problems would persist into 2022 AFP / Odd ANDERSEN

The NFT was previously priced at 690.420 ETH, also known as meme numbers Musk used in his tweets. But the price was lowered to 569 ETH.

Rumors have it that the tech billionaire could have indirectly or directly bought the Bored Ape Yacht NFT. But there has been no official confirmation from Musk regarding this alleged purchase.

Moonpay, a financial technology company that builds payments infrastructure for crypto, purchased three Bored Apes over the past few days, which many associate with Elon Musk. Bored Ape 4796 features a cowboy hat, which could be easily connected to the tech billionaire's new residence in Texas.

The other Bored Ape, #4796, purchased for 95 ETH or around $245,000, features in Purple Background: 13% of Apes, Biker Vest: 3%, Closed Eyes: 7%, Blue Fur: 5%, Cowboy Hat: 4% and Bored Mouth: 23%.

MoonPay also bought the rare gold fur Bored Ape #1837 for 569 ETH, or around $1.5 million. Bored Ape #1837 features an Orange Background: 13%, Wool Turtleneck: 2%, Crazy Eyes: 4%, Solid Gold Fur: 0.46%, Short Mohawk: 3% and Bored Unshaven: 16%. Unlike the two other purchases, #1837 is one of the only 46 with the rare gold fur trait and ranks in the top 250 Bored Apes collection.

Bored Apes is Yuga Lab's Ethereum-based NFT project and was launched in April 2021 when the cryptocurrency and NFT market exploded in popularity. It has yielded over $2 billion in secondary trading volume across three collections.

The NFTs have become desirable because their holders join an exclusive social group. Among celebrity owners include Eminem, Stephen Curry, Mark Cuban, Jimmy, Fallon, Paris Hilton and Post Malone, to name a few.

The more recent celebrity to be added in the list of Bored Apes NFT owners is the Canadian musician Justin Beiber who announced his ownership through an Instagram post. The singer-songwriter purchased the NFT for $1.29 million.