The King of Rock 'n' Roll would have turned 82 Sunday, and while nearly everyone agrees that Jan. 8, 1935 is Elvis Presley's birthday, there are still people with doubts about his death. 

The larger-than-life star's early passing — which allegedly occurred Aug. 16, 1977 after a heart attack — has long inspired conspiracy theories among sleuths who argue Presley is either still alive or didn't die when police say he did. Just last month, a fan theory began circulating online that Elvis appeared in the background of the holiday movie "Home Alone," which came out in 1990. It cited everything from neck movements to facial hair patterns as evidence.

"Either you can choose to believe that The King met his untimely demise 40 years ago at the age of 42, and that his body rests beneath the soil in Memphis, or you can believe that he's still out there, living among us," reporter Dan Ozzi wrote in his Noisey investigation of the "Home Alone" theory.

No matter which side you're on, here are a few factors Elvis fans have identified as confirmation he's still alive:

•  Police didn't photograph his death scene, as noted in "The Mysteries Surrounding the Death of Elvis Presley."

•  Elvis' tombstone has his name listed as "Elvis Aaron Presley," with two As. That was indeed his name, but earlier in his life the star had used the spelling "Aron," with one A. Some believe the misspelled memorial indicates it is not truly Elvis who is buried there, according to CSICOP.

•  People have been spotting men they think are Elvis for years, especially in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where a mother and daughter said they saw the musician at a Burger King in 1988, Michigan Live reported.

•  A man named Mike Joseph took a picture at Graceland four months after Elvis' death he claimed showed Elvis at a poolhouse. Joseph later retracted his claim, raising the collective eyebrows of amateur investigators everywhere, according to

•  Elvis and his father fired three of his longtime employees and friends a year before his death, according to the Elvis History Blog.

•  Just after Elvis' death, his manager, Col. Tom Parker, told reporters "Elvis didn't die. The body did." He went on to add that he'd "talked to him this morning," according to "Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies."