Emma Stone
“Amazing Spider-Man” stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield might have broken up for good this time. Reuters

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield haven’t broke up officially, but the couple is taking a break, Star magazine reported. Long distance is supposedly the culprit for the temporary separation.

“It’s clear they’ve drifted apart. It’s an unspoken issue, but everybody knows they are on hold,” an insider told Star, according to Hollywood Life. “They are taking some time apart to figure things out. They need to know if what they once had is worth saving.”

Garfield, 31, is working on a film in Taiwan and will work on his next movie in Australia.

Rumors that the couple had hit a “rough patch” emerged after Stone, 26, attended the Golden Globes solo. She was nominated for her work in “Birdman.”

Her boyfriend didn’t attend because he was supposedly busy at work, but there might be a different reason. “Yes, Andrew was filming but he could have gotten away if he really wanted to. The fact was, neither one of them wanted to plaster on a smile and pretend everything was OK when it wasn’t,” the source said.

The beloved couple, who starred together in “Amazing Spiderman” together, have dated for more than three years. Fans hoped it was just an April Fools’ joke and took to social media to share their dismay.

Neither star has responded to the rumor.

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