After a family dinner that went totally awry on “Empire” Season 3, episode 16, the Lyon family will gear up for an epic battle in order to bring back one of their own.

“The Lyons fear that the Dubois family is to blame for their latest family crisis, so when no one is willing to give up any information, Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) takes matters into her own hands,” the synopsis for “Absent Child” teases.

In the episode 16 promo, Cookie can be seen telling Lucious (Terrence Howard) that they have to come together. She explains that all of their fighting is the reason why Bella was so easily taken away from their family.

Later on, someone can be heard saying that there is no way a baby can just disappear, and insists the Dubois family is behind Bella’s disappearance. Could this be the Dubois family’s way of getting back at Cookie after she said no to Angelo’s (Taye Diggs) proposal? That rejection already resulted in him confessing to breaking the law for her on television. 

Elsewhere, Angelo can be seen tied to a chair, looking badly beaten, and surrounded by several men as Cookie walks toward him. “All those things your mama said about me being ‘ghetto,’ she was right,” Cookie says as she leans closer to Angelo’s face.

At the end of the “Absent Child” promo, Shyne’s (Xzibit) fist can be seen slamming down onto something. It seems like it could be Angelo’s face, considering he’s also in the room where Cookie is holding Angelo hostage. Will the beating cause Angelo to confess to being behind child services taking Bella away, or will he stay quiet and face Cookie’s wrath?

The drama with Angelo won't be the only thing Cookie has her eyes on when it comes to the episode however, as she also sets her sights on a new venture. 

“Meanwhile, Cookie sets her eyes on a new plan for Empire in Vegas,” the synopsis for the Fox series teases. In the sneak peek, Cookie can be seen walking away from Lucious and Guiliana (Nia Long) looking disappointed and possibly hurt.

Cookie declined Angelo’s proposal because she still loved Lucious but now he is involved with Giuliana. Will Cookie use the Vegas deal to break the new couple apart or does she have another plan up her sleeve?

Meanwhile, other drama will also unfold during the episode involving Andre (Trai Byers), Anika (Grace Beyrs) and Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday). 

“Andre lashes out,” the synopsis states. In a sneak of the episode, Andre can be seen walking into a room where Anika (Grace Byers) is going over paperwork and locks the door. “We have unfinished business,” he says.

Although he has not made much contact with her this season, Andre holds plenty of animosity towards Anika, as she is the one who pushed Andre’s wife, Rhonda, down the stairs and caused her to lose their baby.

Later on, once Rhonda remembered who pushed her, she and Anika engaged in an altercation, resulting in Anika pushing Rhonda off a balcony to her death. Struggling to deal with the loss, Andre began to hallucinate Rhonda was still alive. However, before he moved on from her death, he promised her that he would get revenge against Anika for what she to did to them. Will Andre finally follow through with his promise to Rhonda?

Jamal and Lucious will also have a big moment in the episode as well when it comes to music. 

“Jamal (Jussie Smollett) and Lucious reach a breakthrough in a song on which they have been working,” the synopsis for the Fox series says. In the promo, the father and son can be seen in the studio with Jamal singing and Lucious producing the song. The two seem as if they are finally on the same page which could result in a hit song for Lucious’ project “Inferno.”

“Empire” Season 3, episode 16, airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.