• "Wargame: Red Dragon" will test players to round up nations and come up with good strategies heading into battle
  • "Surviving Mars" offers a futuristic strategy game that includes mysteries and more
  • Epic Games Store is offering "Wargame: Red Dragon" and "Surviving Mars" for free to subscribers

Epic Games has been offering titles for free since 2019, a reason why its member base only continues to grow. For March, new free titles are available once more on the Epic Games Store, and there are two survival-themed games worth checking out.

The one currently available now at the Epic Games Store is “Wargame: Red Dragon.” Players who love to pit their wits against others and engage in war games will want to check this out to see how well they will fare against large-scale conflict.

Set in 1991, “Wargame: Red Dragon” will be the clash between Western forces against the Communist bloc. Players will be tasked with commanding the military of all 17 nations involved (including Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand) and put together a fighting force from a selection of 1,450 units. The battles should be something to watch out for, stunning detail of which was provided by development studio Eugen Systems.

“Wargame: Red Dragon” is free to download from now until Thursday. Those who may be curious about it can get it at no cost this week.

Once that Epic Games offer lapses, folks can then check out another interesting game in “Surviving Mars.” The game offers simulated-inspired characters that will allow players to manage a whole nation and colonize Mars. Using resources properly is one of the keys and important elements for surviving the red planet.

From a 1991 setup in “Wargame: Red Dragon,” it would be best to note that “Surviving Mars” shifts to a futuristic kind of a scenario. Here, it will be up to the players to come up with their first functioning human colonies with the familiar challenges tied to it. Once this is settled, it will only be at this point where strategies and survival will come in. But perhaps the most exciting part of it is the mysteries that can be unlocked, considering most are not fully aware of what is going on on the red planet.

“Surviving Mars” will be available for free starting Thursday, when the “Wargame: Red Dragon” free offer expires, until March 18. Both games should be interesting to check out.

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