• Epic Games Store users can get a $10 Epic coupon
  • It will allow them to save $10 on eligible purchases
  • The coupon will expire on Nov. 15

The Epic Games Store has been known for offering exciting promos. These usually enhance existing store discounts that can be applied to brand new titles. The store is offering another $10 coupon this year, but there's a catch: It comes with certain conditions.

The Epic Games Store is a significant competitor of Steam and to sway gamers away from Valve's distribution service, the company offers free games, coupons and promos that allow users to purchase games with surprisingly high discounts. Now, as what seems to be a part of its tradition, it is giving away $10 coupons to its users via the event called "Connect and Save."

Unlike other coupons, however, users cannot simply log into their accounts to redeem this one. It's because the coupon can only be used by those who opt-in to the store's wishlist notifications and join its mailing list.

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store Epic Games

"If you already have an Epic Games account and are currently opted-in to the Epic enterprise consent for email, thanks for staying in touch! You'll receive one Epic Coupon in your account coupon inventory within 24 hours of the campaign start," the digital storefront announced on its website.

Additionally, the announcement comes with instructions on how gamers can create an account on the Epic Games Store. There are also some details on currency conversion, which are useful for gamers outside the U.S. and use different currencies.

The Epic Games Store also explained the particulars of the promo. According to the store, those who wish to redeem the coupon are required to have a minimum purchase.

"The $10 Epic Coupon can only be used on eligible games already released on the Epic Games Store and priced at $14.99 or more after any sale discounts have been applied. Taxes and other fees do not apply toward the minimum purchase requirement," it said further.

The announcement also clarified that the coupon cannot be applied to pre-purchases and non-game items like add-ons and in-game purchases.

The $10 Epic Coupon can only be used until Nov. 15, which is when the event ends.

For those who do not like to subscribe to the mailing list or give away their email address, there is a chance that a more traditional Epic coupon giveaway will arrive during the holiday season. However, there is no guarantee of that at this time.