• Esteban Ocon has revealed his second passion apart from racing
  • Ocon is the only one who wore a mask in Australia before the cancellation of the race
  • Formula 1 has initiated a virtual series where members of the public can participate

Esteban Ocon is making the most of the extended Formula 1 season postponement to go into his other hobby, which is remote control cars.

Though drivers from different disciplines of motorsport have taken to SIM racing during the ongoing period without Formula 1, Ocon found himself spending even more time on his off-track hobby.

He claimed that he is doing a lot of simulator type racing on Grand Turismo with some friends. He has been doing it three hours a day before training to keep busy.

He also extended an invitation to anyone that wants a race. There is some information on Instagram he illustrated which shows when it would be possible to do that. 

He enjoys racing anything that has an engine. He has been spending some putting new parts on them and going flat out.

Ocon did explain his reasoning for wearing a mark in Australia during the run-up to the postponed Grand Prix. 

The Frenchman was the only one to wear one after the drivers were instructed not to pose for photographs or give autographs because of the high likelihood they could become infected and spread it to other people.

The Australian GP was inevitably canceled when McLaren pulled out of the event after one team member tested positive for coronavirus.

The subsequent seven races have been postponed since then because of the virus, leaving the F1 with a largely deferred season.

When questioned about why he was wearing a mask, Ocon reiterated that it was out of everyone’s hands. The critical thing wanted to make sure he was doing everything possible to be ready. He did not want anything to stop him from being able to race again.

It was quite a shock, though, when he woke up to receive the news that the race was not going to happen. Ocon woke up to messages from Cyril Abiteboul and others who confirmed that a member of McLaren had contracted the virus, and they were pulling out.

Formula 1 has since been postponed though a virtual series has been set up, which allows members of the public to participate in some virtually rendered Grand Prix. 

The first one was this past weekend, and some Formula 1 driver did participate, such as Lando Norris from McLaren and Nicholas Latifi from Williams.

The race also included the presence of notable YouTube celebrities and former Formula 1 drivers. The season should hopefully resume in June.

car-racing-1404041_640 Formula 1 Photo: Pixabay