• Eva Mendes wanted to keep her family away from the public eye
  • Mendes emphasized how she valued privacy involving her partner and kids
  • She said she would have to get her children’s consent first before posting their image on Instagram
  • She would still talk about her immediate family; however, with limits

Eva Mendes recently revealed that she needed her kids’ consent before uploading any snaps of them on social media.

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes at the Hollywood screening of her movie "Holy Motors" during AFI FEST in Los Angeles, California November 3, 2012. REUTERS

The 46-year-old mom, who shares two lovely daughters, Esmeralda, 5 and Amada, 3, with partner Ryan Gosling, 39, reportedly replied to a fan, on Saturday (April 18), when asked why she wasn’t posting snaps of her kids on Instagram.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling
Actors Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling together are worth an estimated $76 million. Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

Mendes is very particular on privacy and boundaries. Although talking about her family was okay, she said that she won’t post pictures of their daily lives. She also mentioned that her kids were still very young and wouldn’t understand the meaning why their pictures were posted on social media; hence, the “Ghost Rider” actress said vowed not to post their pictures on social media unless they’re old enough to give her consent, US Weekly reported.

In the world of Hollywood, keeping one’s privacy is a huge undertaking. As for Mendes, she considers her man and kids as private. Mendes further claimed that keeping their privacy worked for her and Gosling, whom people speculated to start dating back in 2011.

There were some snaps of her with Gosling on her Instagram account but they were throwback pictures.

The latest snap Mendes posted was a portrait of her crafted by her daughter —although she did not disclose whether it was drawn by Esmeralda or Amada.

“This is me. By my kid, “ Mendes captioned the post. “It’s pretty accurate.”

She also revealed on the same post that she hasn’t seen the gym in two months nor has written any novels. She hasn’t become a master baker nor a good cook as well.

“Reading comments and happy to connect so let me know how you’re feeling,” she said ending her Instagram message followed by three “Amores.”

Before the said post, Mendes uploaded one of her favorite arts from one of her favorite artists, René Magritte. The depicted a portrait of a man and woman, heads individually covered with a cloth while kissing. Mendes said that she was confused about what to post amid the global health crisis and the reason she uploaded this masterpiece was because she felt it was relevant to the present moment.

Mendes previously shared on her Instagram account a picture of John, her big brother, on his 4th death anniversary. The “Hitch” actress described her brother as a protector. She would be looking at the moon and would see him.

Mendes currently has around 2.2 million followers on Instagram and more or less 152,000 followers on Twitter.