• Evan Spiegel's net worth is around $2.4 billion
  • He married supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2017
  • The couple is raising two children together

Evan Spiegel ‘s net worth is around $2.4 billion. How does he spend his massive fortune?

Spiegel is the CEO of Snap, the company responsible for Snapchat, and one of the youngest billionaires in the U.S. As with any tech billionaire, his wealth is linked to the company’s performance and fluctuating stocks also affect his net worth.

The 29-year-old is ranked number 225 in the Forbes 400 list. He is joined in the youngest bracket by fellow Snapchat head Bobby Murphy, Walmart’s Lukas Walton and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz.

Snap is hailed as one of the most innovative companies in 2020. Fast Company says Spiegel’s rejection of Zuckerberg’s offer to buy his company played a factor to how Snap became the innovative leader it is today. More social media apps began using AR and incorporating it in their features now but Snap was way early in the game. Now, Snapchat has expanded its offers to smart sunglasses with cameras.

The Stanford Product Design graduate was paid well as CEO. In 2016, he received a total of $1.5 million in salary and bonuses. In 2017, he was named the highest paid CEO after getting $504 million in total.

Like Zuckerberg, Spiegel also has his staple attire for work. That includes a white v-neck shirt, Common Projects sneakers and jeans. Not a lot know he is a licensed helicopter pilot and once appeared in a magazine cover.

As a leader, employees often describe him as aloof. He admits he still learns how to be a great manager. “I mean, obviously I’ve never done this before. I think I’ve basically had to learn everything,” he claims in an interview with Fast Company.

Spiegel is married to supermodel Miranda Kerr. They have two children named Hart and Myles. They live in a $12 million house in Brentwood. Kerr, who’s net worth is around $45 million, leads her own cosmetics company called Kora Organics. Spiegel proposed to her in 2016 with a ring that allegedly cost $100,000. Aside from the couple’s home in Brentwood, Kerr has a property in Malibu which offers an ocean view. The house was then transformed into an eco-friendly one.

Snap has its own foundation. He and co-founder Bobby Murphy pledged 13 million shares for its causes. Snapchat has over 200 million daily users and has seen increased pressure from rival social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr
Pictured: Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr attending The Broad and Louis Vuitton’s celebration of Jasper Johns’ ‘Something Resembling Truth’ in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 2018. Getty Images/Emma McIntyre