The much anticipated “Stranger Things” Season 4 has been low in information dumps, due to the mysterious nature of its story. We’ve only received a tiny bit of information regarding its release date, cast, plot, and spoilers -- but this month, the fans got a few more details that may give us some insight. 

Because “Stranger Things” Season 4 has an air of mystery to it, nobody knows what to expect when the show releases (probably) later this year. This is quite different from the last three seasons, which were hinted at and teased for months until their release. We even got episode titles before production even begin, unlike Season 4 which only has the first episode title revealed thus far. 

Here are some of the things we learned just this month: 

David Harbour Hopes Hopper Is Dead

While we won’t know for sure if Hopper is dead until “Stranger Things” Season 4 releases, there have been a lot of fan theories that suggest he’s still alive -- and fans almost demand it. But Harbour believes the character has had his full character arc, according to an interview with LA Times

The character, whom Harbour feels is dead on the inside, hasn’t been the nicest character on the show. Harbour even suggested that, despite loving his work on the show, he wants the character to be dead in a more physical sense as it would end on a heroic note of redemption. 

The Show Is Indeed Under Production

While the cast and showrunners have been notably quiet about the new season, they’ve also been missing from the public eye. When the 2020 Golden Globes occurred, there wasn’t a single cast member sighted. All clues pointed to the cast being on set, shooting the newest season of “Stranger Things” with filming expected to go on until August. 

We May Have A Release Date 

After the “Stranger Things” staff tweeted a subtle hint, fans are pretty sure they know the release date and it adds up. Every “Stranger Things” Season release has coincided with a holiday. But with a Tweet that hinted at the show coming back in 2020, many are convinced that we will see a Christmas time release. 

Since filming is supposed to go from January to August, if the show were to be released in 2020, we could be seeing the show pushed back to the very end of 2020, which would land around Christmas or New Year's.