EvoPricing, the London-based AI software development start-up, announces that its EvoAI software is the first in the world to reach the Quantum Learning milestone.

Fabrizio Fantini CEO
Fabrizio Fantini CEO Fabrizio Fantini CEO

Quantum Learning is the result of a predictive model of customer choice that breaks the Quantum point: both universal and granular at the lowest possible level. Until today, it was not possible to model each combination of customer, product, location, and price point using a single tool. Moreover, even the most sophisticated models required massive development lead times and additional data collection before being ready for production.

This achievement unlocks autonomous decision-making for business management without specific training or data collection relative to each company, bringing better management decisions through data to companies worldwide.

EvoAI no longer requires massive data ingestion or long integrations. The autonomous data engine adapts immediately to any business reality and generates recommendations on pricing, inventory management, and customer scoring. The Quantum Learning model cuts waste, increasing supply chain sustainability, and improves profit margins.

EvoAI can give companies the same level of accurate data insights typically only available to massive data collectors such as social media platforms. However, its data-driven technology can be embedded in the sales and operations planning of any size company worldwide with a simple plug-and-play solution.

EvoAI achieved this Quantum Learning milestone by relying on a larger learning dataset than any other AI company, leveraging over 4 PetaBytes of data from transactions and related attributes. The exclusive dataset powers machine learning models that self-adapt.

EvoAI has increased inventory rotation by more than 20% and EBITDA margins by more than 5 percentage points, as shown in two case studies published by the Harvard Business School. This enables transformational, not incremental benefits when compared to traditional, case-specific predictive models.

EvoPricing, the company behind EvoAI, started with CEO Fabrizio Fantini's academic research into pricing at Harvard University. Previously a Partner at McKinsey, he had seen clients investing millions of dollars into software that failed to benefit managers. Traditional software required long implementation periods, often relied on intrusive data collection, and was not autonomous or sustainable over time. Fantini spent eight years collecting relevant data and building it into a patented self-learning algorithm, which now equips managers to easily make optimal decisions daily.

EvoAI is now working to bring those data-informed decisions into diverse and complex sectors such as insurance, transportation, retail, and hospitality. Regardless of sector, EvoPricing partners with managers, providing them with a seeming army of the world's best-informed assistants at their fingertips. Evo solutions will not result in job losses, as the technology works best when a manager contributes their insights to the data provided by EvoAI.

The AI software can be plugged into any company with transaction data. The software immediately begins learning and delivering impact within hours, not months. These innovative tools can inform a range of decisions, from the best contract to recommend to an enterprise client to the optimal inventory levels and prices for a single store to the right customer profile to maximize sales. Quantum learning represents the next level of customer-centricity and service granularity not previously attainable by other AI technologies.

EvoAI currently has clients in 6 countries that sell products in over 100 countries. The software services over 10,000 retail stores and provides customer recommendations in more complex sales environments like utilities and custom manufacturing. These solutions have generated over $300 million of extra margin for clients.

The Evo team envisions that the Quantum Learning milestone will positively disrupt the efficiency of the global economy, by integrating functions typically separate across disparate roles and departments. EvoAI injects the customer perspective across all business decisions, leveling the field so every company can benefit from the type of world-class data and insight previously only available to a few global giants.

"Traditional analytics software gave managers more information, but left them routinely asking me what the best decision would be based on all that information! Now, after many years of patient data collection, model-building, and validation, I am proud that Quantum Learning enables EvoAI to answer that critical question: What should I do to maximise growth? We can tangibly contribute not just to a company's economic profitability and efficiency but also to worldwide efforts for sustainability and waste reduction" said Fabrizio Fantini, Founder and CEO of Evo.