Kim Kardashian may have some time on her hands since the filming of Kourtney and Kim Take New York has ended; and she might be using that time to check up on her haters.

According to Frank, one of the individuals who started the No More Kardashian Petition and the Web site, a source claiming to be close to Kim Kardashian told him the reality starlet is furious with the boycott and checks the site and petition obsessively.

We also were able to speak with a Sears executive by phone, although he needs to remain anonymous or it will cost him his job, and during that call he stated that Sears is also paying attention, and would in fact 'reevaluate' their marketing, especially if they say a decrease in their overall sales or if the boycott petition reached 500k signatures, Frank told IBTimes.

IBTimes cannot independently verify this information. A Kardashian representative did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

Frank also said he and his partners are working quickly and quietly to make some changes to their anti-Kim Kardashian crusade.

They are moving the petition to to allow the petition to spread in a more viral fashion. The BoycottKim team wants to extend their boycotting tactics and make sure the site is up and available at all times, since reportedly tends to go down often.

Frank said that since hearing news that Kardashian herself supposedly has been visiting the site, they have added a new feature to the site. Users are now able to leave Kardashian a voicemail directly on the site.

With some clever technology, users click a link and then are given a passcode -- to reduce spam.  Then they call our Toll free number and leave Kim a voicemail.  When they call they are greeted by Kim's voice, asking them to leave a message, said Frank.

Once a message has posted it will be moderated and if not threatening posted on the site.  This way if Kim visits the site she can listen to what her viewers say, since chances are she would not read everything.

One can listen to the voicemail message by calling 1-888-777- 2546.

Frank said that they are hoping to reach the 500,000 signatures so they can hold that Sears executive accountable.

The No More Kardashian Petition was the initial spark of the boycott Kardashian crusade. This petition has become an Internet sensation, garnering over 178,000 signatures so far.

From that petition, a Web site has spawned. is dedicated to outlining all that is wrong with the Kardashian brand, and to encourage supporters of the movement to boycott both the Kardashian products and the stores that sell them.

We are tired that the media focuses so much attention on negative clowns like Kim Kardashian with little time devoted on our true heroes who have become ghosts with little to no recognition, reads an excerpt of the site's mantra.

 And above all, we are fed up with companies that believe us to be ignorant and perhaps stupid enough to shop at their stores, buying their products promoted by talentless, tasteless and shameless parasite like Kim Kardashian.

Never before has an individual who made a sex tape, with no talents received so much attention, Frank added.

Frank believes this is the absolute wrong kind of message to send to young people today.

These are the brands [people's] daughters are asking for and these are the examples set [for them], he said.

He proposes that individuals who want to Boycott Kim Kardashian shop at retailers other than, say, Walmart or Sears. Not every store has Kardashian items on its shelves.

On the Boycott Web site, viewers are struck with the opening blurb, Sex tape? Publicity stunt wedding? So long as I get free attention I WILL DO ANYTHING! - Why not? Brands Pay Me Big to use my fame and sell junk to Stupid Americans.