After already hit with a snowstorm on Sunday and Monday, most of Colorado will see at least three inches of additional snow between Tuesday and Wednesday. This storm will be accompanied by a strong north wind, which could limit visibility.

Many Coloradans can expect a snowy commute from Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. The Denver metro area is going to receive six to 12 inches through 6 p.m. Wednesday, with those numbers even higher in mountainous areas. Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, which are respectively to the north and south of Denver, will see similar amounts.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is urging residents of the state to go home early from work on Tuesday, in order to avoid the brunt of the storm. Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are all under a Winter Storm Warning through early Wednesday.

The University of Denver and the Denver Zoo were closed Tuesday but local schools remained open.

Cold temperatures mean that the four to seven inches of snow that Denver and other parts of the state already experienced between Sunday and Monday is unlikely to melt.

Colorado has witnessed some catastrophic snowstorms. In March 2003, heavy snow fell for three days, leaving 31.8 inches of snow in Denver. The worst storm the city ever experienced was in December 1913, leaving 45.7 inches of snow in just a few days, requiring the snow to be taken away by wagon.