• Chris Powell and wife Heidi announced their split weeks before their 10th wedding anniversary
  • Fans were shocked with Chris and Heidi's separation
  • Chris and Heidi said that they will continue with their mission to change the world

"Extreme Weight Loss" stars Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi Powell, announced their split, and fans were shocked.

On Friday, Chris and Heidi released a joint statement on their respective Instagram accounts to announce their separation. According to the now ex-couple, their decision to part ways was a product of months of introspection.

“We have some difficult news to share with you today, and hope it’s received with the compassion and love we need right now. It is with much thought, prayer, and love that Heidi and I have decided to separate as husband and wife,” the message read.

“While this may come as quite a shock to many of you, please know that this decision was made over the course of many months on a quest to create the best dynamic for our modern family, and we are now in a great place,” they continued.

Chris and Heidi said that they will always be a family, but this time they have a “slightly different-looking relationship.” They also asked their followers and supporters to be kind and to respect their kids by giving them the extra privacy.

The exes added that their goal to change the world continues. In fact, they will still pursue it together and side-by-side.

Their post received warm comments from the netizens who admitted that they were shock with the announcement. Nevertheless, they still decide to support the then-couple’s decision to live separately.

“My husband and I just split as well. I understand the pain that accompanies this decision, best wishes,” one commented on Chris’ post.

“Divorce is hard, but hats off to you both for being so mature and setting such a beautiful example for your children as well as others,” another added.

“You do what you need to do. I’m a single mom. I get it. Much love to all of you,” another commented on Heidi’s post.

”Sad day. Love you both,” another opined.

Chris and Heidi tied the knot on June 10, 2010. They were supposed to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in a few week had they not separated.

Chris and Heidi share two children: Cash, 8, and Ruby Lane, 6. Heidi has two other kids, Matrix, 14, and Marley, 13, with ex Solomon.

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