Robert Gibbs, a Livermore, Calif., man who weighs nearly 700 pounds, uploaded a plea to YouTube on March 1, begging for help losing weight; by Tuesday, March 6, the video had over a million views, 20,000 likes and an offer from transformation specialist Chris Powell to help lose the weight for good.

Gibbs, who posted the video the day before his 23rd birthday, said he'd tried everything in order to shed pounds, but he could never keep the weight off. A producer for Powell reportedly approached Gibbs about working on a weight-loss plan. Powell is currently travelling the U.S. as part of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. The Daily Mail reports as well that producers from representing self-help practitioner Dr. Phil had been in contact with Gibbs.

I'd love his help. I mean, he works miracles, said Gibbs to KSLA. I'm getting the exposure I needed. I better start getting ready for the tornado that's about to become my life.

Gibbs originally posted the video saying he wanted to have the chance to watch his very young niece and nephew grow up.

I'm making this video to try and get it to go viral and get somebody's help that knows what they're doing and can help, Gibbs said. For everybody that watches this please post this, share this video as much as possible. I'm just trying to get some help from somebody ... nutritionist, personal trainer, Dr. Phil, Biggest Loser. ... Get this video to go viral. ... Eventually someone will see it and maybe then I can get some help. I don't know what else to do.

So far, his efforts have apparently paid off.