Apple WWDC Excerpts from Keynote Address:  iOS 5 has Twitter and Notifications, Lion demo
Scott Forstall talks about iOS5 for the iPhone at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco REUTERS

At the 2011 WWDC held at San Francisco on Monday, Apple formally announced its official social-media association with Twitter, leaving behind Facebook, the biggest social networking site in the world.

With Twitter having less than half the members as compared to Facebook, many speculate the reasons behind this initiative.

The Huffington Post reports that experts believe this is due to Apple's desire to maintain control over the user experience and preserve its direct relationship with its customers, aims that clashed with Facebook's own ambitions.

Throughout the years, both the companies have expanded their reach in different horizons in order to connect with their users at a more personal level and to be their first point of contact for online interactions.

At the conference, Apple announced that the new the iOS operating system enables iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to tweet photos, maps, websites and other items directly.

The single sign-on feature incorporated within the new operating system eliminates the need to enter username and password for individual applications. Thus, with a single sign-on, users will be able to access all Twitter enabled applications from their Twitter accounts like tweet videos from YouTube and articles from Safari.