facebook ad
A still from Facebook's new television commercial. Screenshot

Facebook is kicking off an ad spot to encourage its members to use its Messenger app. It's called "Say Love You Better," and it's adorable.

It tells a story accented with digital animations of a couple who exchange lovey-dovey messages through the app — photo, video and text — against the soundtrack of an especially twee arrangement of Elvis' "I Can't Help Falling In Love You With." At the end of the ad, the two lovebirds literally float off the ground and smooch in mid-air.

Here's the ad:

This is Facebook's second television commercial. You might recall its surreal 2012 commercial that likened the company to chairs. The spot was pretty heavily mocked in the ad world, and it's nice to see Facebook take a more lighthearted method in marketing itself. Though with over 1 billion users under its belt, it's unclear why Facebook feels compelled to market itself through traditional venues at all. The commercial is being tested in the Los Angeles and Chicago markets to start, and may roll out to a wider audience once the company gauges reception.