Study Suggests Women Twice as Likely to Spy on Other-Half than Men
A new survey has emerged suggesting that women are twice as likely to use "casual hacking" techniques to spy on the other half than men. Facebook

Always kept wondering what your friends from other countries are gossiping about on their walls in a language you do not understand? Well, this could be the end of the problem. Rumor has it that Facebook may be testing a translation feature to add in its social networking domain.

This move could overcome the language barrier faced by many users on the network.

The translation tool reportedly is for comments. A new Translate button at the bottom of comments (only on Pages) and next to the Like button will be seen, according to Inside Facebook.

Clicking on the Translate button will translate the comment to the language that your account page is set to see. Once the translation is done, an Original button would appear, by clicking which, you can get the text back in the language it originally was.

As of now, it is unclear as to how many languages the translator supports. Although so far, English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Chinese appear to be on the list.

The system is not perfect and it does not always translate all the words. At times it shows error that reads, There is no translation available for this story at the moment, reports.

The feature may particularly be useful for Page owners who have to rely on a third-party translation service in order to understand what their fans are commenting and posting. Also, it could benefit game and app users who want to interact with other gamers who do not speak the same language. And of course, this will be an excellent tool for people who want to interact with people from other countries speaking other languages, but cannot because of the language barrier, the report says.

This feature could bring about a considerable change in the way people interact in the world's largest and most popular networking site. More details are expected to be out soon in this regard.