The FTC signed a consent decree with Facebook on Friday. REUTERS

Your friends can now know exactly when you are expecting to have a child, the gender, your partner, and where you plan to give birth, thanks to Facebook's latest category, "Celebrations."

Facebook is a 900-million plus online social network that allows participants to share personal information with friends, but recently, people have begun to question when being social becomes too intrusive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the network is launching a new form of mobile advertising which targets consumers based on the apps they use, "pushing the limits of how companies track what people do on their phones."

As the network already knows our most private information, such as where we work, where we live, where we went to school, and where we went last night, the last thing users want is for Facebook to gather even more data about them. When Facebook allowed users to vote on a new data use policy, 87 percent of voters opposed the changes, according to Yahoo News.

"Bluntly, Facebook transformed from a service that makes you happier into a service that makes advertisers happier - often at your expense," Paul Barter, vice president of T4G, told CBS.

Most recently, Facebook has changed everyone's profile to a timeline, which means that within a matter of seconds, users can see posts written as far back as 2008.

Now, the social network has added a category that highlights key life moments. This week, they added a new Timeline event called "Celebrations." It includes engagements, weddings and births, Mashable reports, and "are prioritized in the News Feed and are frequently highlighted in the top right-hand rail alongside birthdays, upcoming events and app requests."