• Facebook is testing integrating Instagram into the main app
  • The test allowed Instagram users to share stories on Facebook
  • This isn't the first time Facebook has tried integrating the two apps together

Social media giant Facebook, in its push to integrate its apps together, has tested showing Instagram stories on Facebook users' feeds, reports say.

Some Facebook users recently found that they were able to view their Instagram stories on the main app, The Verge reported. The news comes after certain Twitter users shared screenshots of the new features online.

Twitter user @ec_wife shared two screenshots showing Facebook notifying users about the new feature. Per the images, a user's Facebook and Instagram experience “isn't changing” – the new feature merely allows Instagram users to share their stories with their Facebook friends.

The notification tells users that their stories will have their Instagram names. It also revealed that users will still be sharing their stories with the same people they share things with on Instagram and that they will only be able to see all story views and replies via the Instagram app.

The notification also tells users that only Instagram followers who've linked their IG accounts to Facebook will be able to see their Instagram stories. Instagram users won't have to worry about random Facebook users seeing their stories.

A Facebook representative, speaking with social media industry commentator Matt Navarra, confirmed that the company is testing the new feature that aims to bring increased integration between the two apps.

Per the representative, the new feature “gives people the option to view stories from Instagram on Facebook, making it easier to view moments from people you care about, regardless of what app you're using.”

The representative added that the feature “respects all privacy settings, and people on Instagram can choose not to have their story visible on Facebook.” Simply put, Instagram users who'd prefer to separate their Instagram activities from their Facebook posts will be given the freedom to do so.

The Facebook rep said this is a “limited test,” indicating that it only involved a small number of users. The company didn't provide a timeline or clue as to if and when the feature will eventually roll out to all users.

Not the first time

This isn't the first time that Facebook has tried to integrate its services into its main offering. The company previously integrated the Messenger app into Instagram, replacing the latter's direct message feature.

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