Over the past few years, Facebook has released a handful of failed photo-sharing apps, and on Monday, the company launched yet another one called Moments. But this time, Facebook is hoping to ensure the app's success by tying it directly to Messenger, its widely used messaging app.

Moments is designed to let users privately share pictures from an event with friends who were also in attendance and snapping pictures. As users share their photos from the get-together, the app organizes them chronologically and based on who is in the pictures, using facial-recognition technology. The photos can then be kept private or shared on Facebook or Instagram.

"Syncing photos with the Moments app is a private way to give photos to friends and get the photos you didn’t take," Facebook said in a blog post for the new Android and iOS app. "Now, you and your friends have all the photos you took together."

The key to Moments' growth, though, is tied to Messenger, which recently crossed the 700 million user mark. As users share their pictures with friends who don't yet have Moments, they will receive a link through Messenger and Facebook and be prompted to download the new app. The idea is that if someone sends you a photo of yourself, you'll probably be willing to download a new app so you can see the image.

Previously, the company has launched Camera, Poke and Slingshot, which were all photo-taking blunders that never caught on. Time will tell if Facebook's Moments strategy will work, but at least this time the social network is giving its new app a fighting chance.