How to view, edit and share Facebook's Year In Review video. Kalhh/Pixabay

With 2017 coming to a close, Facebook has started rolling out its annual “Year In Review” feature to give its two billion users a look back at the highlights over the last 365 days.

The feature has become tradition (and for some people, a loathed one ) for Facebook and gives opportunity to its users to relive some of the best—and worst—experiences they had during the year.

While Facebook typically is more than happy to push the feature on its users with a banner on their newsfeed when they log in, notifications and a litany of friends and family sharing their own Year In Review videos, it can nonetheless occasionally be tough to find the feature.

How To Find Year In Review Video

For some users, Facebook may not have generated a year In Review video. In a support page, the social network suggests this happens when the user didn’t produce “enough content to generate a video.”

It typically doesn’t take much for Facebook to put together a video, though, so make sure to check and see if there’s one waiting by visiting the dedicated Year In Review site set up by Facebook.

Go to facebook.com/yearinreview to view it—and make sure to be logged in when visiting the site.

How To Edit Year In Review Video

The algorithm built by Facebook to create the Year In Review video is perfectly good at pulling together the most engaged with photos and status updates, it’s not always the best at filtering out the memories that folks would rather not relive. Luckily, it’s possible to edit the video to add or remove anything that would be better left forgotten.

To do so, visit the Year In Review page and click the “Edit” button. This will open up an editor that will allow the user to change each photo and memory that is included in the video.

The editor will display everything included in the video and users can scroll down to view each section. When there is a photo the user wants to change, they can click on the button that appears to have a pencil icon, located in the lower right corner.

For statuses and wall posts that users would like to change, click the “replace this post” button to share a different post.

How To Share Year In Review Video

Once the video has been edited and is more to the liking of the user, they can share it by hitting the “Next” button in the editor or the “Share” button on the Year In Review home page. Facebook will present the standard post editor, allowing the user to add text about the post, change the viewing settings and control who can see the post.

Once all of those settings have been adjusted, the user can click the “Post” button. This will make the video accessible publicly to those who are allowed to view it, depending on the user’s settings. It will also make the video appear on the user’s wall.