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Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict Visits Lebanon As Protests Spread Over 'Innocence If Muslims' Movie

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in Lebanon Friday amid heightened tensions in the Muslim and Arab world as protests spread, some violent, in response to an anti-Islam movie produced in the U.S. The pope's three-day visit is focused on expressing support for Christians throughout the region who increasingly feel threatened amidst the rising influence of Islamists following the Arab Spring.
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Condemns Anti-Islam Film (FULL TEXT)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the subject of the controversial anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims,” which has sparked riots and violence across the Middle East, including the murder of the U.S. envoy to Libya.

Priest’s Gay Marriage Role Gets Him Rebuked By Archbishop Of Hartford [VIDEO]

A Roman Catholic priest in northern Connecticut has been rebuked by the archbishop of Hartford after he participated in his cousin's same-sex marriage ceremony. Archbishop of Hartford Henry J. Mansell rebuked the Rev. Michael DeVito, of the Sacred Heart Church in Suffield, following the Aug. 17 wedding in New York.


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